Skylicious is a teeny-tiny brand with an ambition to make a change in the beauty industry.

Started by a polish beauty influencer Sky Davine, but spreaded and continued by the world and the people who care for makeup as much as he does.

The brand values the boldness and encourages people to re-discover themselves in a way that they didn't know about before.


Hi, I'm Sky Davine

I started to create makeup looks when I was about 16 y.o. and I was absolutelly RUBBISH! The best part is, that I believed that I was the greatest, most talented and  ridicuosly innovative makeup artist in the whole world!

It took so many years for me, to understand all the room that I have for the improvement and all the hard work, that I need to put into growing as a mua.

Now I'm 27 and I'm still learning how to improve my makeup skills, and how to be a person that inspires people around and my own self. 

They're HERE!

Finally, here's the day We all have waited for!

The production, have officially finished and both of the pallettes are ready to be ordered in this very moment. Grab Yours or both of them!

The Luxuria is a definition of a colour, spark your creativity and reveal Your inner artist, the palette name stands for Lust.

The Invidia is all about being nude and sexy, and the name stands for Envy. Let them envy everything that You are...

The Gallery.

In the gallery, You'll find recent makeup looks created by Sky Davine. He's constantly working on the new content, studying new techniques and review products. You're welcome to watch his journey through his ideas to his goals.

The Luxuria.

The first born. This eyeshadow palette is our first little achievement, that starts off our beauty adventure. All the shades were carefully considered and hand-picked by Sky Davine. 

The ultra-pigmented formula and bold colours are the signature factors for the quality that we aim for. 

Take a step forward, and never look back honey...


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