Sky Davine

The man that stands behind brand. 

We have a dream.

Together with my team, that stands alongside with me,

we hope to create an enviroment for people to feel comfortable,

safe and most importantly NAKED.

By naked, we mean no shields, no great walls or fakery.

The only fakery we need is makeup, fillers and tan!

We'd love people to see, that being just them simple selves

makes them the most special selves.

Makeup is an important part of my life,

and it has an extremely significant  influence over it.

Let me tell You honey...

Everytime, that I stack on them lashes - I feel fearless.

Everytime, that I put that lipstick on - I feel empowered.

Everytime, that i contour my chubbiness - I feel sexy.

Everytime, that I smoke that eye out  - I feel unstoppable.

I could tell You more, but that's not the point.

I want You to feel it on Your skin, let me show You how.

Would love to collaborate? So what are you waiting for?

Let’s Make Something Great!

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